My carnivorous instincts are kicking in strong today. If only we were 5,000 miles away in the beautiful country of Luxembourg!

Back in 2008, I toured Western Europe with a school group. Unfortunately, my memory cannot resolve whether this restaurant was in Ettelbruck or Vianden. I want to believe that it was Ettelbruck, but my hippocampus is tying this memory to our hike up to the Vianden castle–or was that just a different day? I hope someone out there can help me out.

Anyway, this place was fantastic. Feast your eyes on this slab of perfection:


The waitstaff brings you a sizzling block of stone, and you yourself cook this mooing chunk of glory to your desired preference (medium rare, of course). And the sauces: OH LAWDY! Like the lotus flower of Greek mythology, they make you forget everything except the need to eat more. I’m confident that Maslow would’ve added a bottom level to his hierarchy just to accommodate the base instinct to shove this nonsense down your throat.

Is there anything like this in the states? I kinda think there would be an FDA violation or something here, but I would give up my right earlobe to eat at a place like this again.